R 37.50


Sirloin on the Bone
R 85.99


R 54.99


Fillet on the Bone
R 93.95


Whole Fillet
R 342.14


Lamb Chops (x4)
R 98.99


Lamb Shank
R 124.95


R 37.50


Rib Eye
R 115.99


R 109.99


BBQ Chicken Fillet Kebabs (x4)
R 86.99


BBQ Deboned Whole Chicken
R 109.99


Salmon Steak 165g
R 89.99


Boerewors (x4)
R 73.99


Oxtail 1kg
R 159.95


Pork Rashers (x4)
R 63.24


Pork Loin Ribs
R 134.99

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